Deep Search

A highly customizable search platform for your enterprise. Searches through Database, documents and knowledge base. Delivers the blazing fast, highly relevant results customers and employees are seeking.

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Highly Customizable

Fully customizable data definition language for your very own business requirements.

Easy Integration

Choose how to display search results or integrate application with JSON API.

Dynamic Feeds

Feed search engine with REST API, easily integrate with existing data source.

High Scalability

Search through tens of thousands to tens of millions documents, performance without compromise.


Search through multilingual content.

Rich Snippet

Highlight matching results with customizable formatting.

Refining Search

Automatically categorize content and let user filter search results.

Synonyms Expansion

Expand user's queries with synonyms and acronyms.


Auto suggest by queries and key content like categories. Smart suggest base on search context.

Similar Results

Enables users to query for documents similar to a document in their result list.

Spell Checking

Spell check users' typos and auto-correct with most similar queries.

Dynamic Ranking

Dynamic ranking algorithm provides most relevant search results.

Highly Relevant Results

Deep relevance

Deep linguistic analysis for each query, delivering highly relevant results.

Synonyms expansion

Uses synonym dictionaries to make sure one user's "realtor" produces the same results as another user's "real estate agent".


Automatically suggests corrections with startling accuracy, even on domain specific words and phrases.

Functionality Built for Customers

Flexible data model

Defines data model and search features using domain specific language.

High availability deployment

Flexible deployment to private or public cloud. Easy to add or remove node in cluster.

Deep customization

Open REST API for easy customization and integration.

Better Search Experience

Helps narrow customers' searches

Offers category labels that allow your customers to refine their search results.

Highlight Search results

Enhances Usability by Highlighting Search Terms. Format is customizable.

AutoSuggest and Spell Checking

Smart suggests base on search context. Auto corrects typos according to dictionary or indexed terms.